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Technology in Music Ed. – Weeks 12 and 13

This week we had another lesson with Brad Fuller which focused on reflecting on the role and purpose for incorporating technology into the music classroom. In aid of this we were introduced to TPaCK (Technology, Pedagogy and Content Knowledge), and the SAMR model which is a useful tool for designing our lessons and think about…

Technology in Music Ed. – Special Projects and Week 11

This week the wise-one Brad Fuller discussed maintaining student engagement during the lesson through the use of the Triple-Fs – fiddle, fidget, focus. He modelled effective and positive ways of facilitating student learning through engaging with students on an individual level, allowing them to ‘get on with it’ when progress is being made independently, and…

Technology in Music Ed. – Week 9

This week James provided us with short video to make up for the lesson lost due to Anzac Day. This lesson was focused on the challenge of providing students with resources to practice skills such as recording with DAWS, programming synths and beats and video editing. This seems to be crucial consideration, as not all…

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